In ancient times the area of East Java Province, eastern end, there was a kingdom ruled by a king who fairly and wisely. King had a handsome son named Raden Banterang. Raden Banterang is a favorite hunting ground. “This morning, I will hunt to the forest. Prepare a hunting tool,” said Raden Banterang to the waiter. After hunting equipment ready, Raden Banterang accompanied some of his retinue went to the forest. When Raden Banterang walking alone, he saw a deer crossed in front of him. He was soon chasing deer deep into the forest. He was separated from his entourage. “Where the deer”,? Raden Said Banterang, when lost track of his quarry. “I’ll keep looking until they can,” his determination. Raden Banterang shrub and tree through the forest. However, the game was not found. He arrived in the river water is very clear. “Hem, fresh water rivers nian,” Raden Banterang m