Kumpulan kalimat past tense

I1. do not watch the program. 2. do not the homework.
I did not watch the program. Did not do the homework..
3. She does not bake the cake. 4. wawan does not wear the uniform.
She did not bake the cake. Waan did not wear the uniform.
5. She is not a polite girl. 6. they are not naughty student.
She was not a polite girl. They were not naughty student.
7. Ali is not a pilot. 8. we were human
Ali was not a pilot. The earth rotaten around the sun
9. 1. We were not human the woman was beautiful
2. The earth did not rotate around the sun 10. went to the cinema
3. The woman was not beautiful do you go to the cinema? (presen tenses)
11. She wrote a poem last Sunday did you go to the cinema> Yes I did/No Idid not
Does she always write a poem every Sunday? 12. I was heppy yesterday
(present tense) we were teacher for 20 years
Did she write a poem last Sunday? There was a lot of rain yesterday
(wrote kembali menjadi write )